If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working for it.

Thoughts and musings...I made this section of the website to be able to share bits of my mind, personal moments in my life and things that inspire me.
Speaking of things that are on my mind and inspire me...


Several people have asked me why I did a name change to my photo business. I have been working as a photographer for the past eight years or so. I started off taking photos of whatever I wanted, whatever I felt like. I started gaining experience and getting better and shortly I was wanted by others to take photos for them and became a business. I was "Maria Lisa Photo" I took portraits of babies, children, seniors and small events. When your passion becomes your business.. that is great! It really is. I graduated college with a bachelor's in Communication (big mistake, should have went for the business degree)...I didn't go get that corporate job like I was "supposed" to after college. I had been building my business all while in college, (not truly caring about my degree at the time)...and just wanted to be done with school, so I could concentrate 100% on my business. Once I became an LLC, I was a business. It became a job, I had to make money. I invested in top of the line camera equipment, I had bills that needed to be paid. When you have to make money, you can not just take pictures of whatever you want. You have to take pictures that people want..and that people will pay to have. Over the years, taking photos that people wanted over and over again began to grow stale, unappealing to me and I grew a love/hate relationship with my work. I would accept jobs that weren't me. I could execute the jobs well, but they didn't inspire me. I grew up in a household of entrepreneurs and felt it was wrong to turn down work when someone offered it to you. I would do this over and over again because I was "wanted." And it felt good to do work for everyone. Good for that day, but not when I was in over my head in editing, phone calls and emails. Every other month or so, I would contemplate shutting down shop, going to get a 9 to 5 job and just be able to photograph what INSPIRED me! I got lost along the way.


But why? Why give up on something I have worked SO long and SO hard for? Why would I quit my passion? my love? That is when I decided I needed CHANGE. There is a quote out there that says "In life you are either a pilot, or a passenger, it is your own choice." --Unknown I liked this because, I could either let my business control me, or I could control my business. I have to take back the handlebars and go in the direction that I WANT!

Why did I decide to be an entrepreneur anyway? Creating and running your own business should give you the power to shape and design a job specifically for you...right? I thought hard about why I do what I do. What I truly enjoy photographing the most out of anything in the world. What am I drawn to the most? When I thought about it...I came up with LIFE and PEOPLE. I see so many beautiful babies come into this world and I unfortunately have been witnessing some very amazing people leave this world. I have had people ask me for photos I have taken of their deceased loved one for funerals and for remembrance. Everytime this happens my heart gets heavy, but it also makes me feel like I can actually give them a tiny something to help mend their hurting heart. I helped preserve a person's legacy. That photograph is something to help the people who are still here always remember their lost loved one. Because when it is all over, all we have left are memories and photographs.


In life and with people, you grow relationships and CONNECTIONS. You feel love and you experience laughter. You live everyday life and some of your very best moments happen on just a regular day. When I photograph people, I want to photograph expressions on people's faces that you see everyday. Laughs, smiles, content faces, and tears.. Kids being kids. A couple so in love with each other, they don't see anyone else in the world. The feeling of wholeness in your heart when your first born child is snuggled on your chest. That tight squeeze you give your grandma, because you never know when the last hug will be. LIFE. PEOPLE. CONNECTIONS. That is what I enjoy most and I like to photograph these things in the most natural way. Unposed, in YOUR home, outside, in your HAPPY place.


Changing my name and rebranding my business, will help redirect the way I go about running my business. I will only take on photography jobs that I feel inspired to do. I will work to connect with people who see and want the kind of photography that I like to capture. I will photograph the true "soul" of my clients, all while making my "soul" happy! I will do what I can to the very best of my abilities. I will create balance in my work and personal life. I will eventually inspire other photographers and creatives who want to work together, become a team and capture beautiful photographs of life with me. Until then, I will keep climbing my mountain of dreams!

If you actually read all of this I am impressed and I appreciate it,

Maria Lisa