Soul & Grain's name stems from not wanting to just take your picture, but capture the story of your soul in our photographs. Photographs that make you feel something deep down when you look at them and to help you remember just how you were feeling at that time in your life. Every photograph I take I put my heart & soul into making it something to remember for you to look back on for generations to come. My style originates from film photography.  Film photographs have a natural grain to them, hence the second part of Soul & Grain's name. All of my photos taken are either taken on actual film or digital photos, edited to look as they were real film photos. I am very passionate about what I do and strive to create beautiful photographs for you to enjoy for a lifetime.

   Maria Lisa has been behind the lens & the biz for the last ten years. She has always been a hands on person who loves creating art & pretty things through all types of mediums of art. Through the years, Maria Lisa has photographed portraits of all types, weddings, events, lifestyle, real estate, for magazines, as well as, local businesses. She is known for viewing things from a different perspective, capturing emotion in her work and her endless amount of patience and laidback personality. Today,  she is a new mother and devotes majority of her time to her family and now only specializes in
storytelling lifestyle photography & portraits. 

photos by  Stefanie Russo

photos by Stefanie Russo

God. Her Husband & SON. Being Goofy.
Old Antique Things.  Lenses. Traveling. Cooking. 
Family & Friends. Sarcastic Humor. HGTV.
Chocolate. Singing Buzzed Karaoke & Dancing.
Old Photos. French Onion Soup & Seafood. 
Photography Talk. Coffee.