Lifestyle Sessions

There is a lot to be said about these kind of sessions! This is where I, as a photographer shine. This is what I would document everytime, if I could! This is where and when we get MAGICAL photographs, full of love, your REAL moments are captured. Since becoming a mother, I spend soo much time with my son and husband doing everyday things. In my head, I always just WISH someone would be around with a camera to capture these things because I honestly treasure these tiny moments more than anything and realize these are truly the best days of my life. Moments like, when I blow raspberries on his belly and he CRACKS up laughing, his adorable face full of sweet potatoes, while I am feeding him, or the quiet mornings when we just lay in our bed as a family and just cuddle. These are the kind of magic I will photograph for you!

At these sessions, I work with you and your family in the comfort of your own home, anywhere from in your  family room, child's nursery to your front porch or backyard. During these sessions is where your kids can be kids and your husband can relax and not feel dragged to another family portrait session. If there are certain things you do as a family, you bet those moments will be documented. If you just want lovey-dovey, snuggling, playful photographs of your beautiful family, you NEED to do this kind of session! I encourage everyone to get involved and create a fun loving atomosphere to capture the very best LOVE-filled dreamy photographs for you to treasure for a lifetime!

*If you are looking for the traditonal poses, everyone looking at the camera in matching outfits, then this type of session is NOT for you!!

Includes a 2 hour time block of photographer.  Photographs taken with both film & digital cameras.
Private online gallery of around 50 images to view and download in high resolution!

Chelsea & Joe

Anthony & Paulina